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It’s the time to add some newness to your restaurant business.

Take a step ahead and let allow your customers to enjoy the contact-less delivery system.

Novelty is always the best! And when we did it in our business, it blesses us with excessive growth. If you are also believing in the same and are looking to rejuvenate your restaurant menu with a contact-less ordering system. Then call us immediately.

How a Contact-less menu is blessed for health?

Scientifically proven that a restaurant menu has covered a lot of bacterias and germs than to a toilet paper, hence, its a very critical issue in regarding the health concern of the human beings who are looking to dine outside. That cases, integrating your restaurant menu with a digitally equipped contact less menu ordering system, will be a blissful step for your restaurant’s growth and customers safety of course.

Easy to Use

It’s super easy to access in addition to menu browsing, order placement, and payment.

Germs free

As it's accessible from users device, thus it's fully safe and germs free for the customers.

User Friendly

It’s developed on a very user-friendly format, hence the audience of any age group can use it.

Quick Ordering

Using a contactless menu system allows your customers to place their orders in the quickest way.

Separate and safe browsing

  • Every single customer on the same table can browse the menu separately on their own devices.
  • Every single table in a restaurant has a separate QR code.
  • Its a complete touch-free and safe menu browsing process.
  • It didn’t require customers to wait more for a waiter for order placement.

Ordering and Payment

  • It helps you to manage your restaurant with fewer staff.
  • It never wants you to appoint a waiter to take customers orders.
  • You will get instant notifications for customers orders.
  • Along with order placement, customers can pay from their own devices.

Facts and Figures

  • It will allow you to update the menu items and price list anytime.
  • It’s very simple to add this contactless menu in your restaurant.
  • It supports multiple and faster ways digital payment methods.
  • It makes you enable to get genuine feedback from customers.

Know the working process of Online eMenu’s contactless ordering system

Customer will scan the QR code on their devices and browse the menu
Add the dishes in the cart and place their orders and proceed to payment.
You will get paid for the order and notify the kitchen to prepare the meals.
Whether it’s menu browsing, order placement, or payment, it follows a complete hygiene standard.

Give your guests the best Dining Experience

Are you looking to integrate this Contactless menu in your restaurant?

In order to enhance your restaurant standard with a full digital prospect, also by keeping all the safety measures with this contactless menu ordering system, just follow these simple steps.

Your Restaurant

Let us know about your restaurant as its name and location.

Request a demo

Fill the demo form to schedule a live demo session.

Receive the QR Codes

Get the QR code through which customers can browse the menu.

Menu Categories

What kind of menu it's you are serving veg, non-veg or both.

Upload Menu

Upload the menu here, you can also do it by a simple scanning process.