Vitamins for the Food Business- QR Code Menu

It’s time to REINVENT your restaurant operations with futuristic culinary technology- QR Code Menu for Restaurants.

Contactless Menu acts as a necessary vitamins for the restaurant’s growth and retain customers since everyone values food safety and sanitation.

contactless menu

Unlock the Revenues for Your Restaurant Business

Enhanced Safety and Hygiene

There is no need to migrate menus or sterilize it. Food menus are instantly accessible from smartphones.

Safer to Use

Faster Table Turnover

Cleaning and disinfecting menus takes time, which the contactless menu app avoids, resulting in faster table turnover and a larger pool of customers.

Easy To Update

Easy to Update & Change Menus

Updating printed menus can be costly and time consuming. Digital menus can be changed.

COVID Compliant

Reduce Staff and Printing Costs

One digital menu for all! Save your pockets as there is no need to get multiple menus printed. Staff, on the other hand, can focus more in the kitchen rather than receiving orders.

Website Integration

Integrates with Existing Restaurant Software Systems

It’s Easy! Integrate Online eMenu with existing restaurant software system and enjoy the benefits that accompany the software.

Website Integration

Robust Marketing Tool

Scanning QR code requires customers to fill in their contact details. As a result, this will aid in the collection of customer data and engaging the customers.

Website Integration

Generate Orders in 3 Easy Steps

Showcase Digital Menu

Showcase Digital Menu

  • Manages the order and delivery system
  • Easy integration in the website or app of the restaurant.
  • Avails a security system and data is protected.
  • Can easily be implemented on every single restaurant.
  • Customer’s data is stored, managed and maintained automatically.
Order Process

Order Process

  • Restaurant admin is facilitated to grab the right customers.
  • Permit the customers to share their feedbacks online/offline.
  • Gives convenience to run a marketing campaign to increase sales.
  • Keep up and supply a detailed insight of restaurant performance.
  • Allows customer to win and get cash-back their loyalty points.
Bill Payment

Bill Payment

  • Give consent to work on your own terms and conditions.
  • Set the minimum and maximum redeem limit for the earned rewards.
  • To engage more customers, a third-party reference is used.
  • Customers informed via SMS or Email about their earned reward points.
  • Fetch the actual and overall marketing insights smartly.

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