Who can avail Reseller Program

Skilled sales people

Skilled sales people

An impressive vocal and thoughtful strategy of a person can lead to building contact. Would you like to build contact with restaurants owner all the way from online and offline mode?

Professional marketers

Professional marketers

Do you like to visit and explore new clients? Way of email marketing, SMS marketing would be additionally powerful.

Growth strategy crew

Growth strategy crew

Are you just like the one who takes decisions right at the moment and strategies with the team to grow more?

Self business enthusiast

Self business enthusiast

Did you know that independent leading is better than leading under one? So that who love to be a self enthusiast can expertise in building our product as yours

Support team

Support team

What cannot be happened by you is at last our outlook. The team of online emenu support 24*7 for existing, new, and potential clients.

Boost your offering.

  • You will not be limited in your product options if you decide to become a reseller. You can improve your product or expand your business to provide a complete solution to your restaurant clients, which implies more revenue from existing customers.
Boost your offering with onlineemenu

Provide your customers with a tried-and-true answer.

  • You can launch your business immediately by integrating an already successful solution. All you need is a branded website and a few paragraphs describing your offerings. It will not only save you from the early headaches of tech items, but it will also offer you plenty of time to focus on other vital elements of your business, such as customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction. The majority of the operations are automated, allowing you to simply manage the increased demand.
onlineemenu provide successfull solution

Low financial threat

  • The cheap financial cost of joining a reseller program is one of its advantages. This is the ideal business for those on a tight budget, inexperienced entrepreneurs, or those who are afraid of taking risks. You won't have to spend years building the technology. All of the hard work has been completed. All you need to do is rebrand it and sell it to your existing consumer base. In most cases, you only pay annual fees to the technology supplier or pay commission on orders placed on your website by clients. As a result, the financial cost of starting and running the business is modest.
onlineemenu Low financial threat

Recurring payoffs

  • Increase your income with little to no work. You have the technology that your consumers require; all you need to do is describe the offering and convince them to install the system. More the merrier!
onlineemenu Recurring payoffs

Build trust by receiving more reviews

  • Ask your customers to share their reviews and feedback on the restaurant’s website and mobile application. It will drastically improve your business and allow you to make several new customers.
  • You will not be limited in your product options if you decide to become a reseller. You can improve your product or expand your business to provide a complete solution to your restaurant clients, which implies more revenue from existing customers.
Build trust by receiving more reviews
Online Ordering

Online Ordering became “New Normal”

  • Online ordering platforms are in high demand. Food delivery orders climbed more after the first pandemic and delivery revenues are predicted to increase at a rate of more than 20 percent per year to 365 billion by 2030.
  • Restaurants are being obliged to give online ordering capabilities to their clients as social distancing becomes more prevalent around the world. For the time being, online ordering is the only source of revenue for eateries, allowing them to avoid permanent closure. However, it will continue to be useful in the future as firms prepare for long-term changes in the way they operate.

What do you consider in the Reseller program?

Custom URL (White Label)

The online emenu white label reseller model for restaurants is the finest. We work with a lot of restaurants that want to expand their service offerings into automated management, as we indicated earlier. We give them the tools they need to offer full-featured software for a low monthly price, which turns into a long-term source of recurring revenue. Custom URL for any reseller product allows you to become your own dealer with website authority.

reseller program Custom URL white label


The platform does give authentic permission to resellers to tag their own price or commission for the product. Reseller considers the amount as per its profit that customized. Reseller uplift the tangent that was previously settled.

reseller program commission

Customization of website

The website dashboard is accessible to resellers. They can modify according to their requirements so that the profit margin reaches the level of expected earning. Customization of website and theme is featured in reseller products.

Customization of website


  • Online emenu support resellers through the demo, technical queries, updates, modifications, and anything relevant to the software.
  • The existing clients are offered training and demo for all the technical and non-technical issues whenever required.
  • Resellers can build their own identity with this software to increase the number of new clients and earn more.
  • Support your perspective
  • Regular updates about business expansion and software related will be given to the reseller and your customer.
reseller program Support

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